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12 1/2"x32" Mokomokai & Eel Fine Art Print
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Inspired by stories of the first meetings between Maori and English people on New Zealand shores where It is said that a piece of red cloth/red garment was traded for a fish. In a time shortly after when Englishmen would hunt Maori tribesmen and keep their heads as trophies, the story unfolds in my mind while creating this. An Englishman with a fresh head is running through the bushes when killed by a tūna (Taniwha) and the head and garment were taken back for the land.. with his musket still laying in a stream with the eel. With native Pohutukawa flowers to keep in the New Zealand theme and also to keep in with the colour palette.

Made to the highest quality on Hanemuhle 180gsm fine art printing paper and look like you're holding the original.

Note: please forgive me for any delays as I am off work fighting the gods fight for the next 6 months.

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